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The Diabetic Foot

The foot in those with diabetes is put at great risk for complications due to the processes that go on with the diabetes. The so called, diabetic foot, is the results of these processes. The nerve problems in diabetes mean that when damage occurs, that it may not be felt. For example a shoe rubbing is undetected. In severe cases an ankle may be sprained and the loss of sensation means its not initially noticed as there is no pain. This can result in a complication known as Charcot’s foot. The damage to the blood supply in diabetes, means that when the foot is damaged, there may not be enough blood supply for healing to take place. A lot of the processes involved in healing are also impaired in those with diabetes, so infection are much more common. In the worst case of the diabetic foot, there may be a need for an amputation of part of or all of the foot. Those with diabetes need to take special care of their feet to prevent the complications of the diabetic foot. Podiatrists are the experts in the diabetic foot and the management of it problems.


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